For Carnival 2019 there will be a breathalyzer checkpoints in Mazatlan


Checkpoints will be expanded in order to prevent traffic accidents caused by the consumption of intoxicating beverages 
Mazatlan .- The checkpoints will be implemented from Wednesday, February 28 to Tuesday, March 5, days in which the port will live its maximum party.

The general coordinator of the operation, Óscar Jesús Martínez Aguiar Ríos, reported that the objective is to safeguard lives, taking into account that during the Carnival the consumption of alcohol increases and the nights are partying in the city.

“Every day of Carnival, we will start on Wednesday, which was extended one more day, which is February 28, we will work the same, we will implement several checkpoints, we will make the checkpoints mobile (…) we are prevention, the goal of us is to safeguard lives, that the citizen gets home, “he said.

He recalled that the infraction for those who drive a vehicle while intoxicated amounts to two thousand 015 pesos, and after 40 degrees of alcohol the alcohol test is positive. 
Martínez Aguiar Ríos, pointed out that, to those who test positive, at the Breathalyzer review points, they are given the opportunity to call a totally sober person to collect them and not be transferred to the cells of the Banister Court; However, if the amount of the infraction can not be covered at the time, the vehicle is taken to the municipal pension, which increases the amount to be paid.

“Enter for violation of the Traffic Law, if the person does not have anyone to release the unit it goes to the corralón, the towing fee is charged and the pension, the fine amounts to two thousand 645 pesos,” he explained. 
He pointed out that in case the driver is a tourist, coordination with the Tourist Police is sought, through the Capture, so that the visitor can be transferred to the place where he is staying, once he covers the payment of the infraction

Source; ras noticias

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