Official asked to drop lawsuit against Álvarez y Asociados office, accused of extorting developers in Mazatlan


An official of the City of Mazatlan requested the developer Carlos Rivera to desist from the lawsuit against the law firm Álvarez y Asociados, which is accused of extorting developers and real estate in Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  On Monday morning, at a press conference to present his new condominium tower called Ibiza, Carlos Rivera denounced that the municipal government itself does not confront the problem that slows the development of the city.

“He asked me as a special favor, in order to avoid the consequences, he asked me on behalf of the Mayor (Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres), I had to say no, because as a citizen I am entitled to defend myself legally from this extortion” , He said.

– What official was it?

“The truth I would like to save the name right now, at the time I am going to tell you. I want to clarify and think that the Mayor is not really asking me for the favor, I want to think that the official on his own is asking for it, since he has a great friendship with those lawyers. “

Álvarez y Asociados, as reported, legally demands developers when they carry out a project and violate municipal construction regulations, then communicate with the developers and offer to withdraw the demand in exchange for an economic settlement, in addition to threatening “Knock down the work” if they do not agree

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