The 15 cities with the highest real estate appreciation in Mexico


The cities with the best surplus value are located in cities in the north of the country, followed by cities in the center and the lowlands, according to the real estate website

If you are about to acquire a property to live or rent, but you do not know where to buy it, there are cities that had more surplus value in housing in the year that ended.

The property portal elaborated a list of the cities with better value, where the first places are in cities of the north of the country, followed by cities of the center and the shoal.

North zone and border

In the first places are cities in the north of the country such as Tijuana, Chihuahua, and Reynosa. The data indicate that the capital gain in the first city was 50.18% and in the second it was 37.15%. In both locations, the square meter exceeds 19,000 pesos.

In Tijuana, there was a lot of investment. The Ministry of Economic Development reported that, from January to September 2018, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased 29%, compared to the same period of the previous year and 28,490 new jobs were created.

On the other hand, the Department of Urban Development and Ecology of Chihuahua noted that in November last year there were revenues of over 19 million pesos for payment of building permits, mostly commercial and housing centers.

Reynosa, located in the state of Tamaulipas, had a capital gain of 48.50% and the square meter exceeded 9,000 pesos. Moody’s de México improved the credit rating of this city by moving it from to The institution highlighted the financial dynamism, liquidity and low levels of debt of the city.

The city of Matamoros is also in the top positions, its added value was 30.60% and the cost of the square meter exceeded 8,000 pesos.

The expansion of the production lines in the maquiladoras, the creation of a new United States Consulate in Matamoros and the interest of Asian entrepreneurs to invest in the region are factors that have made this area attractive to live.

Likewise, Ciudad Juárez and Tampico reported goodwill. In the first, located in Chihuahua, it was 20.47% and in the second, located in Tamaulipas, of 19.93%. In both metropolises, the square meter exceeds 8,000 pesos.

Leonardo González, Real Estate Analyst at commented that the real estate sector is shaping up to a new regional structure characterized by the border strip, tourist destinations or industrial clusters.


In Toluca and Tula also increased the cost of real estate. In the first city, located in the State of Mexico, the surplus value was 28.52% and the value of the square meter reached 13,065 pesos. Here is the project of the interurban train with an estimated investment of 30,000 million pesos.

In Tula, which is located in Hidalgo, the price of real estate grew 19.21%, the square meter was 8,286 pesos. In this area, the new administration will make an investment of 5,000 million pesos for the rehabilitation of the Tula refinery.


According to data from, in Puerto Vallarta, the cost of real estate increased 23.44% and the square meter 5,545 pesos.

In November last year, José Palacios Jiménez, Secretary of Economic Development, said that Jalisco, where this city is located, was an example of growth in exports and investment, as 33 companies from the automotive industry and 22 from technologies arrived. of information (IT).

Celaya, located in the state of Guanajuato, reported a capital gain of 21.43%, the square meter exceeded 8,000 pesos.

David Orozco Pérez, director of Economic Development, said in September of last year that the investment in Celaya came from automotive manufacturing companies and 20,000 new jobs were created.

Leonardo González explained that the developers have capitalized these metropolises as areas of opportunity and that, in this year, as their projects sold to healthy and competitive returns, a more consolidated cycle could be seen.

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