Mazatlan: Inauguration Forum of Analysis on Eroded Beaches


* In particular Teacapán, in Escuinapa

* The Deputy Secretary of the Navy was present

The Ministry of the Navy is always willing to serve the nation and any project that benefits society and that has to do with the care of the sea and the coasts and in this case, for this forum, the study of the impacts of hurricanes on the prevention of tragedies, said Undersecretary of the Navy, Eduardo Redondo Arámburo.

The Navy official participated in the inauguration of the “Analysis and Tools for Coastal Erosion Forum of Teacapán”, where the mayors of Escuinapa, Emet Soto Grave, and Mazatlan, Guillermo Benítez Torres, as well as the Secretary of State Government, Gonzalo Gómez, who brought the representation of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

In his opportunity, Gonzalo Gómez said that today is a historic day for Sinaloa and Escuinapa for the presentation of this program that should be an example for other municipalities, governments, and institutions, for the management of beaches in erosion. It is, he said, to avoid as far as possible the environmental impacts in Sinaloa and its beaches, to maintain a sustainable state.

Sandra Guido, executive director of Conselva, presented a complete study and what and how to do to avoid erosion on the beaches of Teacapán, in Escuinapa, which can be a project for other coastal areas of Sinaloa. Guido, people from civil society, acknowledged that there are beaches or areas that can no longer be recovered due to the severity of the erosion.

The mayors of Escuinapa and Mazatlán also spoke at the event. In the case of the municipal Guillermo Benitez applauded the work of Sandra Guido and said that it should be launched in other beaches of Sinaloa, as in Mazatlan.

In this inaugural forum was also the federal delegate in Sinaloa of Social Programs, Jaime Montés, among other high officials and representatives of groups and institutions that have to do with the environment.

Source: Sinaloa en Linea
The Mazatlan Post