Foreigners find Mexico attractive and a reliable country to invest


According to official information provided by the outgoing government, Mexico is ranked number nine in the most attractive and reliable countries to invest, its excellent geographical location and its open and competitive economy, allow it to connect commercial networks with Latin America and Latin America. North, making it the fifteenth largest economy on a global level.

In 2017 alone, Mexico maintained a commercial exchange with Korea of 15.3 billion dollars and this year they completed 56 years of diplomatic relations, based on an analysis conducted by the Korean Embassy in Mexico. In view of this situation, the aggregator Premium Living made an alliance with the Korean community, with the aim of offering them advice on the acquisition of real estate, for housing use or as an investment mechanism.

Some aspects to highlight in this meeting were:

  •     The opportunities and viability of obtaining real estate loans, which is not so complicated, since there are institutions such as ION Financiera, which grant loans with flexible schemes and according to the needs of the people; adapting even to those who do not check income in a traditional way.
  •     The importance of goodwill in Mexico, since according to the Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI) , between 2012 and 2018, real estate investments in the country have doubled from 18,000 to 36,000 million dollars, where the Agatha Premium developments Living, Quiero Casa, and Qaya have been part of this growth, thanks to structural safety, use of quality materials and state-of-the-art technology in the construction process.
  •     Processes of sections , as well as deed and delivery of homes.

Undoubtedly, Mexico offers a variety of opportunities for foreign companies and investors, thanks to the sources of financing, the fertile ground for growth and demand of the developments to maintain the value of the investment over time and achieve real capital gains at a pace accelerated.

Source: inmobiliare

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