The attractions of Mazatlan that trap tourists


One of the monuments where more photos are taken visitors is in the Pulmonia.

Mazatlan is a destination that is distinguished by its beaches, the most beautiful sunsets, the boardwalk, and all its natural beauty.

But it also has a wide variety of monuments that have become a great attraction for tourism and Mazatlecos.

The Monument to the Fisherman, to the Family, to the Pneumonia, the Woman of the Seas, the Mazatlecan Woman; that of José Ángel Espinoza, “Ferrusquilla”; to Pedro Infante and the Mazatlan composer Fernando Valadez.

Without missing the Mazatlan brand with the disc Valentinos, the Roundabout of the Heart, which has been a site for hand request.

All these sites are filled by national and foreign tourists who enjoy the last days of the year in the port.

Source: El Debate
The Mazatlan Post