Sinaloans will have a cold Christmas


Minimum temperatures of 5 degrees centigrade are forecast in the mountain area, and 10 in the city.

For Christmas Eve and Christmas, temperatures will drop to 5 degrees Celsius in the mountain areas and to 10 in the main cities of Sinaloa.

Manuel de Jesús Ortiz Acosta, head of the Caades Agrometeorological Service, informed that sunny days are expected, with no chance of rain, but there are possibilities of wind in the early morning, although these would be somewhat weak, without causing cold problems.

Temperatures will have few variations in comparison in recent weeks, with minimums of 5.5 in the Sierra and 14.5 on the coasts.

In addition to these low temperatures, there are favorable conditions for fog formation on the coast of most of the state, especially on this weekend, although for days 24 and 25 it is expected to have weakened.

In the rest of the state, the minimum temperatures will oscillate between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius, while the maximum will be between 25 and 29 degrees.

Culiacán, Mazatlán, Los Mochis, Guasave and Guamúchil are likely to have cloudy days between Monday and Tuesday.

No risk of frost
Despite the low temperatures, in the remainder of 2018 there is no risk of a frost that affects Sinaloa, said yesterday Manuel de Jesus Ortiz Acosta.

The head of the Agrometeorological Service of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of Sinaloa said that on that side the producers can be to a certain extent calm.

According to the forecasts, between December 27 and 29 there will be a new drop in temperatures as a result of the entry of a new cold front on December 25, which will arrive along the Baja California border and will be moved in the following days to Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila, where it will cause decreases in temperatures

He indicated, however, that it is a moderate descent of temperatures that will even be felt mainly in the high part of the mountains, while in the valleys it will only produce a little more moderate cold.

Last hours
The lowest temperatures recorded during the last hours in the region were 7 degrees Celsius at El Fuerte; 10 in El Carrizo and Ruiz Cortines; 11 in Ahome, 12 in Guasave and 13.5 in Los Mochis.

Rainy forecasts It
indicated that during the next 7 days there is no possibility of rain occurring in the north of the state, while the 25 forecast some drizzle, but in the central and southern part of the state, while between On December 30 and 31 a slight probability is observed for the occurrence of some rainfall in the northern zone.

Source: El Debate

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