Jalisco Governor announces contaminated river clean-up


The governor described the condition of the river as “one of the most shameful examples [of environmental abuse] of recent decades,” charging that “we have all failed” the waterway.

The sanitation of the Santiago River is serious, said Governor Enrique Alfaro who presented the agenda of actions and investment with which he will seek to fulfill something that until today has remained only an empty promise, overshadowed by the pollution that runs in its liquid state through a basin that crosses 17 municipalities and in which the foam, the greenish color in the bodies of water and a penetrating stench to putrefaction, are common elements.

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It will be more 3 thousand 418 million pesos between federal and state resources that will be available in the current administration to try to change the reality of a basin that includes part of the Zula, Santiago and Verde rivers, which over the years have increased its levels of microbiological and chemical contamination, in a fact that is classified as one of the black episodes of Jalisco.

Resultado de imagen para Va Alfaro por el saneamiento del Río Santiago

The announcement of the sanitation intervention was made by the governor of the state in the company of 17 municipal presidents and the holders of the state secretariats that will be involved in it. All gathered in the heart of this basin, located in the limits of the municipalities of El Salto and Juanacatlán, not because it is the center of it, but because from there is pumped and distributed by different water arteries the toxicity spilled by large industries, farms, residual discharges, and others.

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Enrique Alfaro described what has happened on the Santiago River as “one of the most shameful examples of recent decades, the Santiago River we have all failed, some by omission, disability or incompetence,” he said, and was emphatic that this time the government will do what it has to do to change that reality.

Resultado de imagen para Va Alfaro por el saneamiento del Río Santiago

The intervention consists of a series of actions that will be undertaken by the Secretariats of Infrastructure and Public Works, Integral Management of Water, Environment and Territorial Development; Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as the Ministry of Health, in addition to interventions that will be carried out by the municipalities involved and a strategy that will be developed from the local and federal congresses, which consists of promoting an initiative to significantly increase the sanctions against those who pollute bodies of water.

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In this regard, the governor acknowledged that the current conditions of the State Procurator for Environmental Protection (Proepa) do not have the necessary human resources to perform adequate supervision, since there are only eight field inspectors in the entire entity, therefore It will also seek to increase the supervisory capacity of this body, which will be headed for the next six years by Diana Padilla Martínez.

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Among the actions that will be developed as part of this intervention strategy is the habilitation of an anaerobic storehouse in the wastewater treatment plant of the municipality of Ocotlán, the treatment plants in Atotonilco in Alto, Tototlán and Atequiza will be modernized, the first stage of collectors will be created in the Ahogado Basin in the municipalities of El Salto and Tlajomulco; there will be an intervention in the integral management of solid waste to reduce them and modify the treatment that is given to them in their final disposal.

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At the same time, some health actions will be carried out with the control of vectors that transmit diseases, and as a first step, a lily removal process was started.

This intervention plan was well accepted by activists who over the years have defended the sanitation of this river that alone can tell the story of their misfortune, said Graciela Gonzalez who said a few words to it “do not give up, resist” , since it considers that the announced can truly be the beginning of the healing.

Source: Milenio

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