Safety and artisan crafts will give new life to La Noria


Mazatlan, Sin.- The union of La Noria seeks to grow economically, where national and international tourists know this place that has a rich culture, crafts, cuisine and currently has the Artisanal Gastronomic Tianguis “My beloved town,” explained María del Pilar Ramírez Chávez

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The chairman of the “Citizen for the Noria” committee met Wednesday morning with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres and David Gonzalez Torrentera Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism of the municipality of Mazatlan where they agreed to grow this gastronomic tianguis, in this way generate a good economic income for the destination.

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“There are artisans who need support, the truth is, there is gastronomy, we need to strengthen our business more, we use the ramrod, the belt huaraches, the saddles, the mud is also handled”.

The town councilor Adalberto Valle Pérez said that they seek to root the population to the young students so that there is no migration to the city, people who live in the mountain area and stay there with an opportunity to work giving life to villages such as San Marcos, The Iguanas, the Habal that by the image they have of being violent places were forgotten.

“We want to change the image you have of violent villages, the truth is that there is very little of that, not to say that it disappears completely, if it is a bad perception that it is a danger to go to these villages.”

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They trust that with the support of the Municipal Government and the effort of the people of La Noria who until today have brought forward the gourmet tianguis that started six months ago, in such a way as to make this place a destination where their crafts are recognized by all the world.

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