Mazatlan Mayor will continue operations against nightclubs

MAZATLÁN.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that the supervisory operations of all the nightclubs in the city will continue.
He said that the municipal administration is very concerned that citizens take a risk, and not enforcing owners of “black turns” is to open the door to accidents.
He explained that it was the Mayor’s Office and they saw that there were many bars and nightclub businesses “that were used to the
” Bribe, Moche “, in fact, there was money offered to the people who arrived, all were tempted with money, in exchange for being left keep functioning”.
Benitez Torres clarified that they have no commitment whatsoever, “but the businesses had irregularities and we invite them to comply with regulations today, such as Civil Protection.”
The Mayor stressed that the previous municipal administrations somehow made themselves dissimulated or the inspectors received “mochadas” and allowed things to remain the same.
He clarified that it is not that they like to fight, but that they are respectful of the law and like to respect the law.
Source: Punto Mx
The Mazatlan Post