Businessmen are targeting San Ignacio to promote agricultural projects


Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Industrial entrepreneurs are targeting San Ignacio to make important investments in agricultural projects, which may trigger the economy and employment in the mountain area.

Visionaries seek new market niches for new products, which can occur naturally in the mountain fox of Sinaloa thanks to its cool climate, water, vegetation, among other factors.

Mayor Iván Báez Martínez reported that they plan to plant 75,000 Hass avocado plants, which could create 200 direct and 500 indirect jobs, and also include the cultivation of magicians in 300 hectares and 1,000 hectares more for the planting of citrus fruits. lemon and orange

Employment and social security are factors that determine a better quality of life for people, said the mayor of San Ignacio, also ensuring that the municipality will be transformed as never before seen.

In addition to the agricultural projects, it is also said that the San Ignacio-Tayoltita highway would benefit 12,000 people.

Finally, he cited the training of the Saningacan workers for the work through a collaboration agreement with the ITCATSIN.

The Mazatlan Post