Concordia Sinaloa seeks to promote tilapia consumption through a gastronomy fair


This is one of the first actions that the municipality will execute, for economic reactivation. It will begin this Saturday, December 15, starting at 4:00 p.m.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa. “What we lived last year in Concordia was something difficult that is already part of the history, we should not talk about the same thing that has already happened, we have to talk about what is next, to erase what has already happened and ‘what follows’ is the sum of efforts of the three levels of government, together with the private initiative to change that image and generate prosperity progress that is reflected in the families’ economy, “he said. Felipe Garzón López, mayor of Concordia.

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The first of these efforts will be the realization of the gastronomic sample that the people from Concordia will carry out this, Saturday December 15, from 4:00 in the afternoon in the outskirts of the City council.

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This gastronomic sample will focus only on one product: tilapia, this with the purpose of encouraging consumption and demonstrating that you can not only eat fried.


Therefore, 14 different alternatives of the preparation of this dish will be presented, where attendees will be able to try them through the 14 stands, since each one will have 100 free samples.

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This event will also show its cultural part with the intervention of a folk dance and the band of the House of Culture. Even artisans from Cópala and Mazatlan are invited to make masks, necklaces, costume jewelery and more objects with skin and fish scales.

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Also, it was announced that the largest tilapia ceviche that has been elaborated within the municipality will be elaborated.

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