Restaurants in Mazatlan that we appreciate having found


Food is part of the culture of places, in Mazatlan that is associated with seafood and seafood. But this time we will not talk about tacos or seafood but about some places that exist in our port thanks to some entrepreneur passionate about food who wanted to bring us something different, something that the city needed. If more we are going to it.

Moncho’s Dining Room

If you like hamburgers you will love Moncho’s Dining , this I say for many reasons as the ketchup and bbq sauce is made at home, the bread is made with a recipe from them, the bacon is also homemade and this shows the passion for the details of Moncho’s.

Of the dishes of Moncho’s that you should try is the pastrami sandwich that melts in the mouth of how soft and delicious it is, or its burgers. If you do not eat meat they have a vegetarian burger that is also very good, I did not believe them until I tasted it. And the burgers are several options for all tastes, with one or two meats, with bacon and other combinations that you can accompany with the classic fried potatoes, sweet potato chips or roasted corn.

In their drink menu, you can notice that they are Mazatlecos because they have a coconut milkshake that they decorate with soft (coconut chocolates) and I think they also have a postro of donut centers with a soft snow option.

Moncho, s dining is in the Rafael Buelna, in the premises next to the Hotel San Diego before arriving at the Tacos El Paisa.

Casita María

The house Maria del Cheff Ja.Llano is in the Golden Zone in a more or less hidden place in the same square where Rico’s Café, Mary’s and the Fish.

I know I said I was not going to talk about seafood but I tried a tiradito of tuna that I loved because it was bathed in something similar to Salsa Macha with sesame, oil, and peanuts.

When I read their menu I saw that they have some dishes that I want to try such as the Boulangerie, the tuna tower and the eggs with asparagus.

In such a small place I got the chance to talk with the Cheff and it’s a pleasure to meet people with that passion for what they do.

Nando’s Pizza

For lovers of pizza is Nando’s Pizza , this is a place that if you do a market study and opinion of what the Mazatlecos want in a pizza probably would not exist, but thanks to the desire to share Nando we have in Mazatlan a place where you can order a deep dish Chicago style pizza, a delicious Pan Pizza or a crispy crunchy pizza

Nando’s has 2 locations, one in the Golden Zone next to the Pacific Palace Hotel and another in the Centro on the Belisario Domínguez.

It is difficult to choose a favorite pizza from this place because they are all very good but I must say that Pizza bread is something that you have to try besides that they prepare very few because that dough needs a great process before getting into the oven.

The Gourmet Bar

The Gourmet bar has a philosophy that we deserve good things in a beautiful place and this is achieved consistently, from their cafes to the baguettes and even to the bread that is prepared in the place.

The first time I went to the Gourmet Bar is because the hamburger was full for a football game and thanks to that I knew this place there in Plaza Laguna, just in front of the Gran Plaza.

After that day I have returned several times and it is one of those places that make you feel good, they care because you feel comfortable, if you are running a lot of wind, they lend you a blanket, if the food takes time the owner goes and explains what What’s going on, one day I went alone for a coffee but their roles of cinnamon with cream cheese frosting had just come out, I had to encourage them to try it and do not disappoint me.

Brewery Three islands

Craft beers were not common in Mazatlan as they are today and we can thank the Tres Islas Brewery for this. We know it’s not a restaurant but you have to know this place

In the brewery, three beer islands are prepared in small lots in the same place where the Taste Room is on Avenida Miguel Alemán, before arriving at Emilio Barragán.

Their beers have received international awards but there is nothing better than trying it to judge for yourself some beer IPA, Porter, Scottish or if you are lucky some of their experiments like the Pitahaya beer or the Double IPA Neoclasica tropical.

If you do not want to go to your location you can try it in several places like Presidio, Compañía Minera, Nando’s Pizza and we saw that they also sell it in Totem, Cafeteria de Barrio.

What other places do you know in Mazatlan?

In Mazatlan, there must be more places like these where the owners, chefs, staff and the delicious food make you appreciate that these places exist in Mazatlan, recommend them in the comments to go and try them.


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