ALERT: Circulation of counterfeit bills in Mazatlan


Canaco to merchants to take precautions, especially with those of high denomination to avoid being victims of scammers.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the proximity of Christmas , the merchants of the city are taking measures to avoid losses in their businesses in case of receiving payments with counterfeit bills .

The president of the Canaco , Jesus Sandoval Gaxiola, said that although they have not received any complaints from their members, about the circulation of apocryphal notes , he calls on merchants to take precautions, especially with those of high denomination, to not be victims of scammers.

Manifestó, that they have to be warned to be a time of high economic activity, with the payment of bonuses, as well as foreigners, who come to the port to commit crimes in various ways.

He explained that to detect the authenticity of the tickets, it is essential to verify that they comply with security elements such as: texture, transparent window, an element that changes color, and even use their own strategies such as using markers.

We check them, we check that they have the official signs, according to the television, they must have all the tickets.

President of the Canaco, Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola .

He pointed out that anyone who does not prevent themselves or has no way to corroborate if it is false would affect their income since there are people who can deliver bills of up to 500 pesos.

He recalled that in December last year, the merchants of the port constantly complained to the Chamber of Commerce since they detected several buyers when they were paid with false bills of 200 and up to 500 pesos.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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