There will be military presence in policing work in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Since this week, the municipal police is accompanied by military force , in prevention work for the city.

In this regard, Heriberto Martínez López, operational director of the Public Security Secretariat in Mazatlan, mentioned that a meeting is pending, in addition to being supported by the State Preventive Police.

Yes, I have to meet with the Captain to fine-tune some details of the issue of drug dealing, as they will help us with the tasks of prevention. We drive in cells around the city.

Heriberto Martínez López, operational director of the Ministry of Public Security.

It is in the urban area of the port where there have been cases or reports made as assaults or other criminal events, especially in the northern area of the city, such as El Venadillo, Valles del Ejido, San Antonio invasion, Pradera Dorada and Flores Magón.

Through cells, surveillance operations are implemented, where the communities of the Municipality are also visited.


Martinez Lopez revealed that force will be strengthened in the reviews that are made in bars and nightclubs, to avoid the sale of drugs inside them.

We are going to do an operation in which I personally will supervise it. The bathroom is a situation in which the so-called hawks give them the whistle when they see our units.

Heriberto Martínez López, operational director of the Ministry of Public Security.

So far, drug users have been arrested, however, he confided that he was dealing with those in charge of selling.

In the rest of the city, 380 police officers will be deployed in two shifts, in coordination with the military and state police.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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