Mexico creates new cannabis professions


The world of cannabis in our country has a future ahead. We have just begun to imagine what this new society would look like, in which there will surely be all kinds of needs to be met by professionals in all kinds of fields. From cultivation to consumption, these are some of the future professions of marijuana.

The cultivator

If nobody cultivates it, there is no marijuana. As simple as that. And this plant behaves like no other. So much so, that a cannabis grower must possess not only the basic knowledge of horticulture and botany but use specialized information.

What if the photoperiod, that the stages of vegetation/flowering, that the root washing, that the healing, the nutrients, pesticides, waters with the pests, etc. Although we are all able to grow our own flowers, few are able to do so with the expertise and care necessary to deliver a product of supreme quality.

Without a doubt, the marijuana grower is the profession of the future.

The aboganja

But obtaining licenses and permits will not be easy. And knowing the eagerness of our authorities to redound in unnecessary bureaucracy, surely they will be cumbersome and confusing processes.

The Aboganja , a legal specialist with the necessary knowledge to overcome all kinds of legal obstacles, but with enough tact to deal with members of the cannabis community, enters the scene.

And after reviewing so many statutes, guidelines, laws and manuals, they can share a rooster and forget about the complicated thing that society likes to play

A “professional smoker” (taster)

Forget about buying the best speck in your community. Would not you prefer that the most exquisite growers send you a test of their best flowers? This is possible if you have the fortune and skill to become a cannabis taster.

These professions already exist where there is regulation, and if you really want to enter this area you must begin to prepare now, because it is not just a touch and say “what’s up”. In fact, the tasting process for a taster involves using all your senses and perception to qualify from the appearance, aroma, and flavor of a bud.

Even so, when you get people to pay you for smoking pot, all the effort is worth it.

The cannabis chefs

So far, the Law initiative to regulate cannabis in Mexico does not allow trade in foodstuffs containing cannabis derivatives. But nothing says that someone can visit your house and prepare a space snack.

And that kind of services already exists, from the most luxurious caterings to personal chefs. The chefs or cannabis chefs could satisfy all kinds of events such as weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, bachelorette parties, graduations, etc.

Although everyone can prepare a pancake, a pasta or a milkshake, some experience is required to measure the proper concentrations or optimum temperatures for decarboxylation. Or, better yet, know how to combine the taste of cannabis as another ingredient in the creation of flavors.

Installation of greenhouses

One thing is to grow in a couple of pots, another is to maintain crops with up to 500 plants or more. For this, highly sophisticated systems are required to control every aspect and phase of development. These must work with such perfection and synchrony or run the risk of spoiling months of hard work.

Therefore, you will need the help of installers who know how to operate electrical systems, purification, irrigation, ventilation, etc. Let’s think that in this type of practices one learns based on error. Then what is being invested is the accident forecast based on the experience and mistakes of someone else. In the long run, that kind of thing is invaluable.

And the responsible information, ‘apa?

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At La Dosis we always advocate responsible consumption. This requires reliable and truthful information about the uses and consequences of marijuana use, in addition to all its therapeutic and medicinal potential. That is our mere reason for existing.

But the information needs do not end there, because there will be a complex phenomenon, in which society will emerge from obscurantism caused by the ban and renew its relationship with the plant. And who better than the consumers themselves to re-establish this relationship?

Therefore, nothing excites us more than belonging to the cannabis professions, and thus serve all consumers in the defense and exercise of their rights.

Source: La Dosis

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