City of Mazatlan will issue fines for loud music


Mazatlan.- The municipal Ecology and Environment Department, in coordination with the Mayor’s Office, would soon start up an operation against aurigueros, pulmonias, and musicians, focused mainly on avoiding auditory contamination.

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Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, head of the agency, said that next week they will hold a meeting with the transport union to urge them that if they use the stereo while transporting passengers, the volume they tune is moderate.

In the case of music workers, he said that they will be invited to respect the established schedules when they provide their services in the beach area located near home-room areas.

He said that an agreement is to be reached in this sense, but in case of detecting recidivism, the regulation that contemplates equivalent economic sanctions in UMAs will have to be applied.

“We will try to work six months on the issue of awareness and education, and if at that time we see that people continue with the same habits, we will have to apply the fine,” he said.

He emphasized that music at high volume is considered a public health problem, since the noise disturbs the nerves, besides that in the case of transport it can represent a danger both for the driver and for the travelers.

“Let’s remember the tragedy of the train crash. This issue of music at full volume, is a public health risk for neighbors because they do not rest, at any time, tomorrow, night or early morning the music is at full volume. We are in the best disposition, “he added.

He commented that the follow-up to this issue has been given as a result of citizen complaints filed by residents of the Los Pinos subdivision, who complain about the auditory contamination that is generated both in the beach of Los Pinitos and in the Park of the Sister Cities.

Sanjuán Gallardo concluded that citizens can report this kind of cases, as well as that of neighbors who play music at high volume, at telephone number 072.

Source: RAS

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