The inauguration of the Sinaloa Rock Festival


The night was full of varied rhythms, from alternative rock to funk, with groups from different states

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-The Sinaloa Rock Festival began at 5:00 pm in Mazatlan, at the Sister Cities Park. 

Among the cast that delighted the audience gathered there were the bands Ni más because yes, Cxtxrsis, We are not sailors, DfMk , and the stellar group was Minuscule Division. 

After an hour as the concert started the park started to fill up.

Some people came with drinks, others with sweaters, some with scarves and there was no shortage who carried an umbrella to protect themselves from the sea breeze. 

The night was full of different rhythms from alternative rock to funk. Groups from various cities such as Mexico City, Culiacán and Tamaulipas have put together the perfect party in front of the waves at the festival that begins today until November 25.

It will have a presence in Culiacán, Mazatlán and Los Mochis. The cherry of the cake in the poster of bands that appeared in the port was the band Minuscule Division , which has between its members Javier Blake, Efrén Barón, Alejandro Luque, Alejandro Brake, and Rodrigo Monfort.

The people were receptive to the range of sounds and rhythms that the lineup of bands offered to the port; many of them following by force of choruses the sound of the songs. 

Source: El Debate

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