Not all “CAPTA” tourist police officers know English


One of the main projects of the Tourist Care and Protection Center is that the language is not a barrier between tourists and these elements

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. In spite of how attractive it is for some foreigners to visit Mazatlan, not all elements of the tourist police know how to communicate through English, that is why the Tourist Care and Protection Center (CAPTA) will look for ways to train these policemen with technical English, said Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of CAPTA.

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“… That the tourist police are given technical English training so that they can be prepared because they are the face of the tourist,” he suggested.

_ “Do not the policemen who are here know English?” (He was questioned). _ “It could be said that some of them do, but not all, and that is the idea: that we are all prepared with technical English in order to better serve our tourists,” he answered.

Macias Fregoso stressed that language can be a barrier in communication between tourists and these elements of security and response.

Added to this, explained that other projects that have in the door are to create prevention campaigns through social networks (in both languages) and the implementation of a system that gathers data from complaints of visitors who can also translate messages from English to Spanish.

“Many times you do not have a person who speaks the language and the language is a barrier many times to solve problems,” he said.

This system, he added, would be responsible for channeling complaints or comments to the corresponding units (such as PROFECO or any other) and would follow up, sending notifications to users so that the case is not forgotten.

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