Mazatlan: New concrete Malecon could last up to 60 years


The governor and a delegation of officials premiered in pulmonia the first phase of the project

Mazatlan .- Up to 60 years will last hydraulic concrete installed on the Malecon whose cost is 135.9 million pesos, as estimated yesterday by the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, to open one of the lanes of that tour.

Accompanied by a large delegation of municipal officials, as well as representatives of the tourism sector, the governor toured in pneumonia the first phase of the project covering 6.2 kilometers in length from north to south with a base of 25 centimeters thick.

He assured that the next lane will be ready in the coming days

It is a work of great impact for tourism in Mazatlan, he said.

He also expressed his confidence that hotels and tourism companies will be rewarded with more income thanks to the embankment of the pier, which will attract more tourists.

They ponder works

” Mazatlan is going to get ahead with these new investments and tourist offers that come, such as the Central Park, the aquarium, the new museum, and everything that comes later,” hotel entrepreneur Ernesto Coppel Kelly said when pondering the inauguration of the first phase of the project.

The opening of the pier is a very important moment for Mazatlan, because it is the most emblematic promenade, which very few tourist destinations in the world have it, and with this beauty and the quality with which it was made, it will project the port, even more, he added. the media.

After the tour that the governor made, the first lane inaugurated was opened to vehicular circulation.

Pulmonias,  were the first to use it.

Source: el debate

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