Mexico: The most anticipated series of the year


On Canal Once, the most anticipated series of the year will be released: Malinche. Why is it the most anticipated series of the year? Because since Jimena Saldaña, the director of this signal of the National Polytechnic Institute, announced it, half humanity was left with its mouth open.

Never in the history of Mexican television has anyone dared to tell his life, the most controversial character of our nation.

We are talking about La Malinche, our mother, the traitor, the victim, the woman who gave Mexico to the Spaniards, the whore, the saint, “La chingada.”

We are talking about a row that never ends.

As if this were not enough, we have any number of historical, social, racial, religious, anthropological and gender implications at a time when anything that is said or done is going to bother someone and a necessarily expensive product.

Do you know what it takes to rebuild Mexico-Tenochtitlan, to command those ships, that wardrobe and everything that has to be handled at the research, accessories and make-up level?

Have you already thought about the training that had to be given to the actors for the management of their corporal expression, for the use of our ancestral instruments, for the use of weapons and for a thousand other things? Now, do you understand when I tell you that this is the most anticipated series of the year? Neither Netflix nor HBO nor BBC had dared too much.

This is a story that had to be told, a series that had to be done and how good that the first to do it is the Mexicans, how sensational that Channel Eleven has had this disposition and what a wonder that the great producer of this concept is Patricia Arriaga Jordán.

As you know, Patricia, with her house Bravo Films, has been responsible for huge works such as XY, Juana Inés and Requiem by Leonora Vicario plus different historical productions like Porfirio Diaz: 100 years without a homeland and Villa’s murder: the conspiracy, for large global corporations like Discovery. Malinche It is the consolidation of his career, an exquisite product that I had the privilege of reviewing and that I consider an obligation for all the people of Mexico and beyond.

Eye: for nothing of the world you are going away to imagine a bioserie like the one of Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel or Jenni Creek, or a historical series like Rome, The Tudors or The Crown.

Malinche is, by itself, the creation of a format. There are five one-hour episodes embroidered by hand with an ideal dramatic structure so that audiences of the 21st century can size this woman, appreciate her psychology, entertain herself, become passionate and understand conflicts that continue to this day.

When you start to see it, as it happened to me, it will be disconcerting. This is unlike anything we have seen before. To nothing! The characters suddenly speak in a language. Then in another, later in another, in others. And the audiovisual narrative is neither Western nor Eastern. It is pre-Hispanic.

What do I try to say with this? That is the old Mexicans had made television, they would have done it as Patricia Arriaga is doing in Malinche .

How? With those frames, with that rhythm, with those parliaments, with that music. We are not only traveling in time to tell the story of Doña Marina.

We are traveling in time to invent a language, to create a vision, to imagine the look of our ancestors before, during and after La Conquista. To see Malinche is like reading the poetry of Nezahualcóyotl but, at the same time, it is to look at the mutilated bodies, to be moved by the sweetness of our women, to be surprised by the horrors that our ancestors lived and to fall in love with our roots. It is a show that nobody should miss with prodigious performances of talents such as José María de Tavira ( Rosario Tijeras ) and Luis Arrieta ( Paramedics ).

And with the stellar launch in Mexico of an immense Guatemalan actress named Maria Mercedes Coroy that will transcend as anyone after starring in this title. Malinche is very good, complex and different. Dont Miss It.

The Mazatlan Post Newsroom