SURVEY: Sinaloans rate fight against corruption


Sinaloenses evaluate the performance of the current state administration headed by Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Public safety, the fight against corruption and the reaction of the authorities after the scourge of the tropical depression 19-E have been three of the worst aspects evaluated by the Sinaloa population in the first evaluation carried out by THE DEBATE to the state government, headed by Quirino Ordaz Coppel, this year. 

Around one thousand surveys were applied in five municipalities from October 19 to 27, taking into account both the opinion of the urban and rural population.

In matters of public security, the population of Ahome, Mazatlán and Culiacán were more critical, as it qualified as bad or regular management of the governor in this area. However, the municipalities of Guasave and Salvador Alvarado scored as good or regular work in security. 


The capital of the state was the one that worse estimated the performance of the State Executive in this matter, with a 31.55 percent of bad opinions (see question 1).

Another point to note is that the citizens spontaneously pointed out as a priority to resolve the security issue, followed by the fight against corruption, almost tied with the fight against poverty (question 2). 


High impact crimes

During this government period, the murders of Jesús Carrasco Ruiz, former Secretary of Security in Ahome, occurred in Culiacán on September 16, 2018 (see note at ), which triggered a shootout inside of CU; that of Gerardo Amarillas Gastélum, in Los Mochis, on July 2, 2018 ( ); as well as the assassination of commander Joel Medina, deputy director of the Ahome Municipal Police, also in University City of the UAS, in Los Mochis, on February 24, 2018 ( ), shooting that It also put the student and teacher community at risk. 

It should be noted that, although the perception of safety is bad, especially in Culiacán, crimes such as intentional homicides, femicides, and vehicle theft observe a downward behavior, according to the information provided by the Executive Secretariat of the State System. of Public Security. Renato Ocampo Alcántar reported that as of September 30, 2017 had registered a thousand 258 intentional homicides, while at the end of September 2018 had a total of 863 life deprivations, which showed a decrease of 31 percent in this flagellum ( ).


Feminicides represent a 49 percent decrease from January to September 2018 against the same period of 2017, according to the State Executive Secretariat; however, the social perception in this sense is that the insecurity against women remains the same for four out of ten respondents, while for almost two out of ten it has increased a lot (question 4). 

Another crime that affects citizenship is the theft of vehicles, which has presented a drop of 22 percent in 2018, compared to 2017, in the same period. 

Source: The Debate

μ Perception in corruption

The dermoscopic instrument applied by EL DEBATE showed that up to 32.51 percent of the respondents rated as bad the progress of the administration headed by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel in the fight against corruption, with the municipalities of Culiacán (36.41 percent qualified as bad and 28.16 percent very badly) and in Ahome the 32.32 percent evaluated as bad, and 25.25 percent as very bad, being these municipalities where worse evaluated, while in Guasave, Mazatlan and Salvador Alvarado the ratings were displaced between bad and regular (questions 1 and 2). 

In this sense, Sinaloa was among the three worst entities evaluated by Data Coparmex, only after Tabasco and Chiapas, according to the publication of THE DEBATE of July 16, 2018 ( ). In a study conducted between 2015 and 2016 presented by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), released during the International Day against Corruption, Sinaloa was ranked second in the country with more corrupt officials ( http: // cort. as / -BnbV ), according to what was published by this newspaper on December 9, 2017. 


The issue of the rotten mattresses delivered to flood victims was an issue that sparked a crisis in the Ordaz Coppel government, highlighting negatively not only at the national level but also at the national level. 

In general, of 17 indicators evaluated on the administration of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, eight were qualified as good work, including tourism, education, and health; while seven more were rated as regular, such as economic development, security, and employment; while public works fluctuates between well and regulate their qualification, being the worst evaluated item the fight against corruption. 

On the issue of employment, this publishing house published on April 9, 2018, that young people are cannon fodder for drug trafficking, because when they do not find employment this is an “easy” way to obtain money ( / -Bp9J ).

Sports, education and tourism were the three aspects best evaluated by the Sinaloans

 Of 17 items evaluated, the state government obtained a good management score in eight indicators, while seven more were rated as regular; one aspect was poorly qualified, and another fluctuated between good and regular. 48.18 percent of the residents rated the management carried out in the sports sector as good, followed by 42.36 percent of the overall score for the education issue; while tourism maintained a global rating of good for 42.96 percent of those consulted.

Malecón de Mazatlán. Photo: The Debate

In contrast, the fight against corruption had a greater number of negative ratings, with a total of 32.51 percentage points, qualifying as bad management in this area. The aspect of public works maintained two qualifications that dominated: good and regular, which were the scores that the respondents mostly provided, with a prevalence of 34.09 points.

Regarding the axis of tourism, one of the subjects with better perception on the part of the population, in November will be presented up to seven arrivals of international cruises to Mazatlan, while in December there are scheduled 14 arrivals of tourist ships to the Mazatlan port, as they are the Ruby Princess, the Grand Princess, Crystal Serenity, among others ( ). Also, by 2019, the arrival of two cruise ships from Malta and the Bahamas to the port of Topolobampo ( ) is scheduled.

The impression of the Sinaloans in the fight against corruption is bad.

On October 18, Carlos N. was arrested in El Rosario ( ), allegedly involved in the purchase of “rotten” mattresses that were distributed to the victims in Sinaloa. Carlos N. served as administrative coordinator of the Secretariat of Social Development in Sinaloa. He allegedly acquired the mattresses in poor condition from a supplier in Guadalajara.

Photo: The Debate

After being arrested, he was transferred to the capital of Sinaloa and placed at the disposal of a criminal control and prosecution court in the central region, based in Culiacán, to determine if it will be linked to the process. Allegedly the state official, by indications of the State Government and state Sedesol, acquired about 1380 mattresses to a provider named Isabel N., Guadalajara, Jalisco, because the entity were already exhausted.

“Rotten” mattresses

The EL DEBATE survey was carried out between October 19 and 27, so the reaction of the authorities after the scourge of Tropical Depression 19-E was an issue that was addressed with the Sinaloans who were part of this exercise.

When questioning about the support given to the families affected by the floods, the citizens pointed out in a more critical way in Culiacán that it was very bad as the main response, followed by bad; while, in Ahome -one of the most affected municipalities-, the respondents also coincided in their majority that the support was bad, followed by regular. 

Photo: The Debate

It is worth remembering what happened in Culiacán on the night of October 16 (, when residents of the Jardines del Pedregal subdivision were affected as a result of the rains that were registered in Culiacán on September 20, who protested against the authorities for having given them mattresses in poor condition.

When they were opened, they had old springs, some had blood, fungus, as well as foul odor. The situation was replicated in various colonies of the capital, which led to the opening of a research folder for that event, and the Secretary of Social Development, Raul Carrillo, submitted his resignation while the investigations are carried out. 

A similar situation was presented later in different settlements of Ahome, as in El Carrizo, Chihuahuita and the Villa de Ahome.


THE DEBATE applied the amount of 1015 questionnaires, face to face, in the municipalities of Sinaloa, Ahome, Culiacan, Guasave, Mazatlan and Salvador Alvarado, on the days between October 19 and 27. 

The target population was Sinaloan citizens older than 18 years. The conformation of ranges for ages and sex was generated according to the statistics registered by the nominal list of the INE, obtaining age ranges of 18 to 29 years; 30 to 59 and 60 or more, was applied in rural and urban areas of the aforementioned municipalities. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3%, for a confidence index of 95%. 



The evaluation of the state government was carried out by means of tablets, according to the proportion of the urban and rural population in each municipality consulted. Each one of the surveys is geolocated with GPS.

Source. El Debate 

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