IMSS installs linear accelerator to treat brain tumors unique in Latin America


The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) launched a high-precision team against brain tumors, unique in public hospitals in Mexico and Latin America.

In the specialty hospital of the National Medical Center of the West, in Guadalajara, a linear accelerator was installed for the treatment of brain tumors, the first of twelve that were acquired this year.

This equipment destroys brain tumors with pinpoint accuracy, without the need to perform surgery, and allows to increase the attention of three to eight patients a day, referred from medical units of Social Security throughout the country, particularly in Mexico City, State of Mexico and Jalisco “

… said Tuffic Miguel Ortega, general director of the IMSS, who is on a work tour in Jalisco, where he launched works for 680 million pesos, including one subdelegation and two clinics.

This hospital also modernized three equipment that will be used for the treatment of different types of cancer and tumors, as well as other diagnostic devices (tomography, magnetic resonator and angiography) that will complement the work of the linear accelerator.

Source: IMSS

The Mazatlan Post News Team