Will the Mazatlecos be taught to recycle ?


* Through the new program they will undertake 
* In the direction of Ecology of the next administration

A campaign to separate waste solid waste from before reaching the collector trucks is looking to undertake among families, revealed Maria de Lourdes San Juan, next director of Municipal Ecology.

“We want to start with a very strong environmental education program, not only in the schools but also in the rural communities because they have to be a part and we will be the example from the office to start,” he said.

It is up to now, the Union of Workers in the Service of the City Council that disposes of the garbage separating it, but this can be facilitated from the same homes.

From the schools, he informed that the convocation is going to be launched in a program that makes the rest of society aware of the ways in which they are living in the world through children.

“We will be in the schools, in four, fifth and sixth grade, in a campaign called ‘Dad, mom, what world are you inheriting me?’, Because we want the children to give us a message of what they are seeing and that the parents listen to the message of their children and do the same of their house, “he said.

Source: SEL

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