‘El Bronco’ Governor of Nuevo León threatens to deport migrants


The Governor of Nuevo León assured that the entity does not have what it takes to attend to them and that allowing them to enter could lead to a problem of insecurity.

MONTERREY, Nuevo León.- The governor of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón ‘El Bronco’, threatened to deport the members of the Migrant Caravan from Honduras in case of reaching the state he leads.

“Nuevo León  does not have the political possibility  to give them a stay, perhaps to attend to them, but to sustain them is complicated, they can stay here, as long as it is legal, otherwise we would have to apply the law,” said Neolonese representative for local media ABC News.

Last Friday, more than 7 thousand people from Honduras entered Mexico to cross the country and reach the United States, in search of the “American dream” and away from the violence, poverty and insecurity of their country.

Rodríguez Calderón agreed with US President  Donald Trump that the “arrival of Honduran migrants means that insecurity comes with them.”

“Not having papers that demonstrate the legal stay of these people could lead to a problem of insecurity, not knowing who they are,” the governor told the local media.

‘El Bronco’ considered that when people have excess liberties they have no control over their actions and stressed that allowing migrants to enter the country means taking opportunities away from Mexicans.

Information from: El Financiero

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