This is the million-dollar economic benefits for Guanajuato during the Cervantino


For Guanajuato, the Cervantino International Festival is not only the meeting point for the best of the arts and culture of the world but also an important source of economic resources, above all for the tourism it generates.

The state receives on average more than 120 thousand visitors each year as a result of the Cervantino, according to the data of the festival itself.

Only during the first weekend of the 2017 edition, with an approximate attendance of 18 thousand 645 tourists, 73.5 million pesos were received.

The visual artist Cecilio Vargas presented the Video Mapping ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ yesterday, as part of the XLVI Edition of the International Cervantino Festival. (Photo: 

It should be noted that at that time, three instances contributed the budget for the festival: Ministry of Culture (90,694,053.35), Government of the State of Guanajuato (23,648,474.00) and the City of Guanajuato (2,500,000.00). Money with which everything related to the acts presented there is financed: scenic arts, visuals, cinema, Cervantes dialogues, ancient music, chamber music and soloists, world music, musical and vocal opera, and orchestra, around the life and the work of Miguel de Cervantes with the Cervantes entremeses. Not for nothing is one of the most important cultural industries in Mexico .

In the previous year, 2016 (when the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was commemorated), the spill was 421 million pesos with 177,772 attendees; while in 2015 the calculation was 379 million and 144,661 attendees; and in 2014 the economic impact was 373 million for the 136,118 visitors. That is to say, the trend was on the rise during these three years, according to data from the Tourism Secretariat of the Government of Guanajuato .

The leading Indian classical dance company, Manipuri Jagoi Marup was presented under the direction of the Hindu artist, Ningombam Rina Devi, during the XLVI Edition of the International Cervantino Festival. (Photo: 

This economic flow is due to events such as the FIC promoting cultural tourism , defined by SECTUR as a tourist trip that motivates you to know, understand and enjoy the whole of history and art in the distinctive elements, spiritual and material, intellectual and emotional that give the essential touch to the place visited in order to generate a catharsis for the visitor.

The record so far has the Cervantino of 2010 (year of the bicentennial of independence and centennial of the Mexican Revolution), with an economic income of almost 500 million, and with the largest number of visitors, 197,076.

With information of ‘Economic and social results of the International Cervantino Festival’

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