Prosecutor cites Attorney David Álvarez office to hearing for aggravated extortion


The State Prosecutor’s Office issued a summons to lawyer David Álvarez Bernal and 10 employees of the Álvarez Law Office to respond to criminal complaint filed by real estate developers for the crime of aggravated extortion.

According to documents in possession of OJO PÚBLICO de Mazatlán local news FB page, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Patrimonial Crimes has summoned the appearance of Alvarez and his team of lawyers before a judge on October 30, for the Initial Hearing.

This will take place in Room C of the Court located in El Castillo. In case the lawyers do not show up, the Public Prosecutor will be forced to use the public force to start the formal search for these individuals.

This legal action is derived from the MAZTL / UEDP / 88/2018 Research File integrated as a consequence of the accusations representatives of three real estate developments in Mazatlan.

The representatives of the companies Constructores y Arquitectura del Pacífico, Rivega Inmobiliaria SA de CV, Amura Inmobiliaria SA de CV and Busca Tu Casa Inmobiliaria SA de CV, waited almost one year for the authority to turn this order into an initial hearing.

The representatives of these real estate companies reported that Álvarez and his legal team allegedly participated in extortions for several million pesos. The office, which also acts through the civil organization Collective Actions (Acciones Colectivas), is accused of filing injunctions to suspend construction works and then extort the companies in exchange for desisting from the injunctions.

Through their lawyer, Luis Noriega Ordorica, the real estate developers affirmed in previous press conferences that they paid millions of pesos to Alvarez. It will be up to the judge to decide on the day of the Initial Hearing what proceeds in this case.

It should be noted that David Alvarez wanted to be part of the Anti-Corruption Citizen Committee, being supported by a group of COPARMEX businessmen such as Rodolfo Madero, Grupo Alerta, and Valeriano Suárez, who even stood in defense of David Álvarez.

The office also filed complaints about alleged mismanagement of resources during the former PAN municipal administration, by representative Carlos Felton González.

Source: OJO PÚBLICO de

The Mazatlan Post