JULIO REVUELTAS Concert in DURANGO at Festival Cultural DGO/ 2018



The Revueltas International Festival (FIR) is the cultural event par excellence in Durango and a meeting point for local, national and international artists and creators.

Durango, cradle of artists like Dolores del Rio, Andrea Palma, Fanny Anitua, Ricardo Castro, Ramon Novarro, Francisco Montoya de Cruz or Nellie Campobello, pays tribute each year to the immortal lineage of the Revueltas Family through the different artistic and cultural expressions.

The FIR has an important social impact at the state level and manages to project itself on the regional stage thanks to its diverse activities within the state, which highlight the pride of the Durango artistic tradition and the talent of its creators.

Considered one of the most outstanding guitarists of the contemporary era, Julio Revueltas transits from rock to jazz in an almost imperceptible way. Virtuoso by heritage, Julio Revueltas proposes in each of his pieces melodies that transmit emotions and that manage to stimulate the senses of those who listen to him. 
With 30 years of artistic career, Julio Revueltas has been awarded two “Nuestro Rock” awards and argues that music is a connection issue, which can be found everywhere and is part of his work to identify it. 
In addition to establishing itself as a phenomenon in the music scene, Julio is characterized by the creation of the viotarra -musical instrument of his authorship that mixes the qualities of the violin and the electric guitar- to produce unique sounds that distinguish him.

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