Mexico registers increase in number of people who buy weapons to protect themselves


In Mexico , the number of people who have weapons in their homes increased to protect themselves from crime; the permits are granted only by the Secretariat of National Defense ( Sedena ).

María de la Luz Gallo, a neighbor from the east of the State of Mexico, went to buy a gun in the commercial area of the Sedena, the only store authorized to sell weapons in the country. “Well, now the situation is so dangerous, I think it gives me a little security, not a little, more security, to have a gun at home.”

María de la Luz will learn to use her pistol in an authorized firing range. “I really trusted in the security of my colony, of the Police, but now that we see what is going on around it, you can not trust it, then you have to protect yourself.”

Last year, in the commercial area of Sedena, an average of 40 firearms were sold daily, 14,400 throughout the year.

According to the organization Mexico Evaluates, in 5 years households with a registered weapon increased by 60%, going from 145 thousand 939 in 2011 to 232 thousand 746 in 2016.

Verónica Peña, a resident of Jalisco, also bought a gun and 200 cartridges in the commercial area of Sedena. In both cases, he spent more than 10 thousand pesos. “It is a 380-caliber pistol, which is allowed by the registration of firearms, for the protection of my home.”

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Veronica says: “Well, one prefers to be more secure with weapons at home (…) assaults, kidnappings, everything”.

– Do you think the gun will help?

“Well, I’m going to feel calmer,” he replies.

In the Sedena store, both the civilian population and the security forces of the whole country are supplied.

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Colonel Eduardo Téllez Moreno, director of Marketing, Armament, and Ammunition of Sedena, explains: “People select the weapon. The only condition, in the Federal Register of Firearms, that are of permitted use. In urban areas, you can only own a short type weapon, either pistol or short, which is the division. If it’s in rural areas, they can own a 22-gauge rifle or a shotgun of the caliber allowed. “

The process is carried out in the General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Control of Explosives of La Sedena and takes 15 to 45 days.

María de la Luz Gallo, a resident of the State of Mexico, says: “They asked me for the birth certificate, proof of address, identification and a document, where I do not have criminal records.”

The permit to possess weapons authorizes having them only in the private home. The transport permit allows you to take it anywhere.

Colonel Fernando Lima, from the Federal Register of Firearms and Control of Explosives of Sedena, lists the requirements for carrying a weapon: “Non-criminal background letters, proof of address, and a psychological examination must be added, an examination toxicological, and you have to add a medical examination, to be able to determine if they are well or not “.

According to the Sedena, in Mexico, there are 2 million 791 thousand 145 permits of possession of weapons of physical and moral persons. There are 3 thousand 76 portability permits.

Carry permits are granted only by the Secretary of National Defense. Anyone can enter the commercial area of the Sedena for the purchase of weapons.

With information from Guillermo López Portillo