“El Químico” personally leads aid caravan bound for Northern Sinaloa


Mazatlán’s mayor-elect Luis Guillermo “Químico” Benítez Torres left on Sunday morning on a trip to the municipalities of Northern Sinaloa most affected by the rains caused by Tropical Depression 19-E.

Before his departure, he stated that personnel of his working team collected about 4 tons of food at the collection center in the offices of MORENA.

“El Químico” personally led the caravan of two trucks and a group of volunteers who travelled to the municipalities of Ahome, Guasave and Culiacán, to deliver supplies and help those in need.

One of the persons in charge of loading of the trucks mentioned that there are 17 platforms of approximately 500 kilos of weight each, for an approximate of 8 tons of food collected.

The caravan departed on Sunday Sep. 23, at 7 in the morning from Mazatlan’s Colonia Venadillo.

The Mazatlan Post will keep its readers updated on the this subject and “El Químico’s” quest through Northern Sinaloa.

TMP Newsroom