DAC Rate in Mexico: What does it mean?


High Consumption Domestic Rate (DAC by its Spanish acronym)  if you neglect your electricity consumption habits you might begin to pay exaggerated amounts of money because of your power bill.

Now, we’ll tell you how the DAC rate works, so you can understand better why you’re paying elevated amounts for your electricity:

What is the DAC rate?

The High Consumption Domestic Rate, better known as DAC rate, is the one that lacks the government subsidy and for which the user pays completely the real cost of the electrical service received at their home.

To understand what all of this is about, you should start knowing the factors that intervene in the electricity measurement:

Rates, limits of energy consumption and pricing

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE by its Spanish acronym) has assigned several consumption rates, considering the environment temperatures of the zone where you live. Nowadays, there are 8 different rates:


In the specific case of Yucatan, there are two rates: 1C and 1B.

The eighth rate corresponds to the DAC rate and depending on the zone where you live it stipulates a limit to get in it: dac-rate-mexico-bil.png

Electric consumption: The reason to get into the DAC rate

CFE calculates the average consumption of the user’s 6 last electric bills. If the average of those reaches or goes above the bimonthly stipulated limit, then the CFE starts applying the DAC rate.

For example:

Let’s say that you went into the DAC rate because the zone where you live is in the 1C rate and when the average of your last 6 bills is calculated, the number reaches or goes above 1,700 kilowatts bimonthly, theCFE stipulated limit.

This means that you must have a monthly consumption of 850 kWh, which is very easy to reach if you keep on the air conditioners in your house all day long or if you overuse high electricity consumption appliances.

Is there much difference between what you pay at a standard rate and the DAC rate?

Yes, there is:

In a blink of an eye, you quit paying $2.802MXN for your most expensive kilowatts and you start paying up to $4.321MXN. The previous rates might seem small, with just a difference of $1.529MXN, but this disparity means to pay $7,345.7MXN bimonthly for electric energy.

We hope that this article is useful to know and understand what the DAC rate is and why it means a big risk to one’s pocket.

Source: Habitec

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