Noise Pollution continues: Panasonic designs stronger speakers for Mexico


Some locals and many visitors agree that Mexico is loud enough already, but that is not stopping Japanese electronics firm Panasonic from introducing two new, stronger speakers, designed especially for Mexico and its parties.

The two new one-box speakers improve on power and sound clarity, explained Edmundo Sánchez, director of a Panasonic manufacturing plant in México state.

Both were designed by Mexican engineers, who aimed to create a concept aligned with Mexican and Latin tastes “for more party,” said the executive.

Sánchez explained that Panasonic’s Mexico TV division manufactures more than 270,000 units per year, 80% of which are exported to Latin America and 5% to Canada while the remaining 15% is sold domestically.

In comparison, the audio division’s production is more than 220,000 units, 10% of which is exported to Latin America and a whopping 90% stays in Mexico.

Panasonic celebrates its 40th year in Mexico and its 100th global anniversary today with a ceremony at Mexico City’s World Trade Center.

Source: Mexico News Daily