Sinaloan shrimp opens Chinese market


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- China and Belgium are some of the new markets that exporters of shrimp Mexico are beginning to explore.

China has stopped being a producer to become little by little a consumer of marine products and Sinaloa has already shipped the first product containers, informed Alejandro Godoy.

The CEO of Seafood Business Solutions, an integrator of marine food marketers, explained that they are now looking for strategic partners to penetrate the Asian market.

We do not want to sell raw materials, we want to sell products with added value, because that way we can have a higher profitability and a better profit margin for us.

The producers of the Cluster of Sinaloa Acuícola, which covers 80 percent of the shrimp farms in that sector, are already being integrated into the project.

Godoy informed that one of the new projects is the development of a Sinaloan shrimp brand for the national market and a different one for the international market.

One of the goals is to start the commercialization of shrimp under a brand in the China Sea Show to be held on November 12 and 13.

After that, they would enter the Belgian market with the same strategy. He estimated that annually, Mexico exports 130 thousand tons of shrimp and almost 50 percent corresponds to the production generated by the fishing sector of Sinaloa.

He mentioned that for the next season of catches, it is expected to equal the production of Sonora, because in recent years has led the production of shrimp in the country.

The Sinaloa shrimp has had Mexico and then the United States as the main marketing market.

Seafood Bussiness is one of the first exporting groups to commercialize Sinaloa shrimp in China.