Sinaloa gets 70 international business appointments during Expoalimentaria 2018


From August 14 to 16, producers from Sinaloa held business talks with buyers from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Russia, Japan, Australia, China, Spain, England, Germany, France and Italy.

Commercial contact was also made with potential buyers from the United States, Canada, Colombia and Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that in each business meeting, the buyers were interested in knowing the origin, production procedures, product treatment and phytozoosanitary mechanisms implemented to guarantee health and safety of the products, being informed that Sinaloa has the strictest sanitary measures precisely to meet the demands of the market, all regulated by a legal framework and supervised by specialized personnel.

During the three days of the Food Expo, the stand of Sinaloa had the visit of just over 2,500 people who were interested in knowing the origin and quality of the products, tasting fresh and dehydrated meats and fruits, as well as typical processed foods such as pork products, sauces and liqueurs.

The Expo Food Food Show 2018 was held for the third edition in Mexico City with the promotion of SAGARPA, focused on promoting the agricultural products of the country and thus facilitate its commercialization.

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