Copala, Sinaloa “the city of gold and silver”


Known in the XVI Century as “the city of gold and silver”, that conquistador Ibarra longed to find, Copala became the seat of regional powers just eight years after its founding in 1565.

It had under its jurisdiction other villages such as Concordia, Mazatlán and San Ignacio, between 1573 and 1692, when the regional seat changed place again.

The mulattoes who lived in the Mazatlán’s “presidio” and guarded the port, had to respond to orders coming from Copala (although they regularly acted on their own), causing discontent among the authorities of the city.

After the Mexican Independence in the early XIX Century, it became a municipality, flaunting until today, one of the brightest histories in terms of mining and culture.

Copala is located 70 kilometers (45 miles) east of Mazatlan (Google Maps)

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