Workers of Pemex demand impeachment against Romero Deschamps


Rocío Nahle declared a few days ago that there will be no witch hunt against
Romero Deschamps The current method of “freehand” election has served as a mechanism of oppression Workers and retirees of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex)  demanded this
Saturday the resignation and trial of Senator Carlos Romero Deschamps, who is a leader of the National Union of Petroleum Workers of the Mexican Republic (SNTPRM). The petition forms part of the platform of the National Movement for Petroleum Transformation (MNTP) , with which María de Lourdes Díaz Cruz seeks to run to head the union leadership. The assembly of the MNTP was held in the Tabacalera neighborhood, in Mexico City, within the Francisco Breña Alvire Auditorium of the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME).
Díaz Cruz armed that the free and secret vote should be applied for the election of the next leader since the method of election “by show of hands” has served as a mechanism of oppression. Given the statements of  Rocío Nahle, who is proposed to be the Secretary of
Energy in the government of  Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that there will be
no “witch hunt” inside the STPRM, Díaz Cruz supported her. Nahle declared, a few days ago, that by taking once in his position in the AMLO cabinet, he will not undertake a persecution against the SNTPRM leader and current Senator Carlos Romero Deschamps.