Mexican triumphs in Japan; in Mexico they rejected his project


In Mexico, they rejected their project five times.

Currently collaborates with a researcher at the UNAM, for the prosthesis of a
hand For the Mexican Christian Peñaloza, it’s a good day. And it is that he just closed
contract with the University of Osaka, in Japan. His project, which was rejected
in Mexico five times, triumphed in Japan. Christian did a Ph.D. in Japan, has lived there for two years and is perfecting “Aura”, a device that processes signals from the brain, muscles, and heart, to turn them into concrete actions. He says that he is currently collaborating with a researcher at the UNAM who is developing a hand prosthesis with his software, so that people, just by thinking, can move them. His research was popularized in a video, in which he sees how a person moves a third robotic arm, only with his thoughts, while with his arms he balances a ball on a tray. His invention can be used for different
types of industries, ranging from controlling a prosthesis or a wheelchair with the mind to playing video games without the need for a remote control.

In Europe, this type of technology can cost up to 15 or 16 thousand dollars,
which is approximately 300 thousand pesos. But Christian managed to lower
prices for the Mexican market, to 3 thousand 500 dollars, which is 65 thousand
Mexican pesos. In other countries there are already advances in this area of neuroscience: ” Facebook is working for people to write with their thoughts. Nissan announced
a car that receives brain signals to avoid accidents. Very important players are
betting on this. It’s the future, “says Christian. However, the scientist believes that the fact that this does not happen in Mexico and Latin America is mainly due to two factors: the little investment in science and the lack of tools for technological development. Christian has the idea of starting his own company in Tijuana and a representative in the CDMX. He says that it is very complicated because although he sought research funds he did not receive the desired support.