Isla De La Piedra ¨Stone Island, a destination that offers everything for locals and tourist


Hundreds of people of all ages come to the beaches to ride a horse and enjoy gastronomy.

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Isla De La Piedra¨ is a place where children can ride in a pony on the seashore, while adults travel in town on horseback or an ATV.
In addition, the sea can be explored aboard a motorboat, by watercraft or banana, for an exciting stay.

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This paradisiacal place has become the meeting point for hundreds of tourists and Mazatlecos that arrive by sea aboard catamarans or boats, and by land in their vehicles.

The beaches of Chivos and Isla de la Piedra are full. Family groups predominate with children and young people who, from the moment they arrive, go to play with the waves.
Most visitors said they chose the island to rest because of its tranquility.
Others stated that it is safe for children or that food is good and at affordable prices.

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 it is clean and you can live together as a family, said Miguel Ángel Cardona and Karelia del Real, who with their brothers Saúl and Mariana, and their children, come from Chihuahua to spend part of their vacations.

There is work

The villagers are happy with the good season they have had. If there is tourism, people who offer sea and land tours are active.
The restaurants of the palapas are full and to give a good service they hire more staff.

Street vendors also offer food, fruits and all kinds of sweets.
Businesses that sell accessories for the beach have also improved sales, as well as those who move tourists around the island in tourist trucks pulled by a tractor.
There is movement, work, and profits for all.

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They still have almost three weeks of vacation and trust that the rate of vacationers will be maintained.

Although there is a lot of sale on the beach, it is clean, as are the sand and the palapas. What is missing is that the authority repairs the stretch that is still paved, because when you get to this place there are a few meters full of potholes.

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By: Blanca Regalado