Philippines interested in Mexican products


The Philippine government is interested in bringing Mexican products to its country, mainly avocado, mezcal, and tequila, which would increase the commercial relationship with the Asian country that until now had been based on export and import of auto parts and metals.

Due to its popularity and taste, the demand for avocado and tequila worldwide has made them potentially exportable and the Philippine market does not want to be the exception since its population is highly consumer of these products.

The intention to diversify the bilateral market has made the Philippine government look for a free trade agreement, or failing that, negotiate low tariffs for the entry of Mexican products, which would also cover other foods, silver, and leather, according to the Ambassador of that country in Mexico, Demetrio R. Tuason.

The Philippines also wants to increase its exports, especially those derived from coconut, furniture, clothing, and footwear.

However, the option proposed by the Philippine government is still in assessment because they must make the decision in conjunction with the entrepreneurs of that country.

At the end of 2017, trade between both countries grew 9 percent, for a total exchange of two thousand 525 million dollars. 60 percent of the imports coming from the Asian country are electric and mechanical parts of the national automotive industry that arrive in Mexico thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), so the country wants this treaty to continue.

Mexico is the 25th largest trading partner of the Philippines in the world and ranks 16th as an export destination, in addition to 41th as a source of imports.