The Great Mazatlán Aquarium Prepares to Welcome Up to 8,000 Explorers Per Day During the Summer


To ensure a safe visit, the institution strengthens its protocols against high temperatures and to prevent inconveniences within the facilities.

For the summer vacation season, the Great Mazatlán Aquarium Mar de Cortes expects daily attendance of eight thousand people. To prevent visitors from experiencing any problems due to the high temperatures being recorded in the city and across the country, it has reinforced its prevention protocols.

This was reported by Simón Norris, the general director of the institution, who commented that in recent months the prevention protocols in the facilities have been updated so that visitors are comfortable during their stay this hot season.

He pointed out that the Great Mazatlán Aquarium has various areas where nature, such as trees, provide good shade; he recalled that the interior of the place is air-conditioned, and the number of paramedics has been increased to provide support and guidance to visitors who need it.

“We have several areas that are cool. The facilities inside are already air-conditioned. We are organizing natural shade areas outside, and we have also increased from one to three paramedic points, which will provide serum and support to visitors. We are prepared for this issue of high temperatures.”

Simón Norris said that in the sea lion area, fans have been adapted to cool the spectators; however, during the summer season, the area that visitors prefer the most is the penguin exhibit, due to the low temperatures in which these species are found.

Finally, the general director of the Great Mazatlán Aquarium invited the general population to visit the facilities of the Great Aquarium Mar de Cortés to experience the great adventure that this window to the marine world offers, which is also full of flora, terrestrial fauna, and provides great learning for explorers.

Source: Linea Directa