Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association: they beautify Mazatlán for the next visit of foreign tourists


The meeting of shipping companies generates great expectations for this city in terms of tourism

Mazatlán, Sin.- Mazatlán is preparing to host the annual convention of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), and to provide a good image, the city is the subject of a series of beautification and attention works for tourist areas by the Municipal Government.

This was confirmed by the municipal president, Édgar González Zataráin, who said that, in addition to the repair and maintenance that is given to the monuments that are on the boardwalk, the letters of the photographic inn will be painted in the coming days, as well as the Bikeway.

Regarding the Machado square, he mentioned that work is already being done to repair the benches, the lighting of the streets and alleys of the historic center is being reviewed, as well as any potholes that may exist.

“We are working on cleaning the arrival dock, and everything about the blue line, which is where they transit. There is a whole operation working in that direction. There is a list of details that must be repaired and that has already been worked on.”

The mayor recalled that he recently took a tour with the Secretary of Tourism through the historic center to determine the route of the alley that will be carried out for those attending the convention and that will start from Liverpool alley.

The annual meeting of the FCCA will be from November 7 to 10, which has generated great expectations among the city’s tourism sector, which hopes that, with the presence of the representatives of the shipping companies, Mazatlán can have a new boost in this international tourism sector.

The event will bring together representatives of 23 shipping companies and an economic impact of 25 million pesos is expected in the Mazatlan port.

Source: Linea Directa