The regulation of lodging in Sinaloa could remain in the freezer 


The president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association mentioned that the issue has not been moved in the State Congress since … for a year 

MAZATLAN. – The search for the regulation of lodging in Sinaloa continues by the hotel sector, however, there is a risk that from the Legislature the issue remains in the ‘freezer’, since the issue has not moved from the Tourism Commission, reported José Ramón Manguart Sánchez. 

The president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association mentioned that the last meeting that the hotel sector had with the commission was a year ago, since then, they have not had another, at least not with the deputies, an uncertainty that remains, Well, in 2024 there are elections. 

“The issue has not been moved, that is a reality, if this is not regulated in the medium term, the same thing as Acapulco will happen, what happened? The hotel industry collapsed, the brands left, the economic flow changed, it became a bright destination, a sad destination,” he declared. 

At the local level, Manguart Sánchez reported that they have met with the mayor and together they are looking for a way to approach the legislative level, since the idea is that Mazatlán is a competitive and orderly destination, a reference for regulation on this issue. 

“We are going to continue insisting, the thing is not to give up, it is breaking stone, it is a situation that I believe will promote healthy competition between the hotel industry, apartments and condominiums, the most benefited will be the consumer because you give certainty to their purchase, to your stay and to what comes the service”. 

 The hotel businessman added that this phenomenon is not unique in Mazatlán, but at the national level, with Acapulco being the example in the rest of the destinations, and that the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels brings to the fore. 

Only in Mazatlán, this summer, the association detected approximately 6,500 rental units through platforms, with an estimate of around 2,000 informally, that is, there are almost 8,500 apartment units in the port, houses and condominiums. 

These are added to the slightly more than 12,000 registered hotel rooms, that is, there are more than 20,500 lodging units; one of the reasons, added Manguart Sánchez, which triggers the saturation of roads. 

Source: Punto