Mazatlán in the sights of Chirey Motor to install an automotive plant


From 3,000 to 4,000 vehicles are expected to arrive at the port each month to be distributed throughout the country: find out all the details

MAZATLÁN.- How would we like an automotive plant in Mazatlán? This could be a reality, since this Tuesday the Mayor of Mazatlán, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, attended the V. Bonfil Industrial Park, fiscal pier 5, on the occasion of the beginning of commercial relations between Chirey Motor, Sinaloa and Mazatlán.

What is Chirey Motor?

Chery Automobile was founded in 1997 as a state-owned company, with Wuhu, China as its headquarters. The Chinese automaker has a presence in 80 markets, some of them already in South America such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru: it will arrive in our country under the name of “Chirey”.

According to a note published by the digital media Expansión, in July 2022, “Nuevo León was the best option for Chirey, due to its proximity to the US and the availability of auto parts, but the lack of water in the state led them to consider other regions”.

Apparently Chirey is still interested in Mexico, and now Mazatlán is in the crosshairs.

In an interview, the mayor explained that these Chinese investors are exploring the possibility of installing the automotive plant in Mazatlán.

For now, with the start of trade relations, it is expected that 3,000 to 4,000 vehicles per month will arrive to be distributed throughout the country, signifying the start of bilateral relations between two brother countries and trading partners, China and Mexico, as well as, to contribute to the development of the municipality.