2023 will be the year to shape the MLC, says its director


Víctor Humarán Castellanos mentioned that sectors such as the automotive, agro-industrial, electronic and food industries, in addition to courier and parcel services, are the most interested in the new logistics park in Mazatlán

MAZATLÁN.- The industry is gaining strength in Mazatlán and is already echoing in other states and even in other countries and this 2023 will be the year of progress and changes for projects such as the MLC.

The director of the Mazatlán Logistic Center, Víctor Humarán Castellanos, mentioned that the project is gaining so much strength that from 80 hectares that they initially had, they have already increased to approximately 200 hectares, due to the echo that is being generated from the industrial sector.

“Many undecided people are going to be allowed to come because they are going to find life in the park, they are going to see that there is already construction, movement of trucks, that the services are already there and we believe that with that more companies will arrive and that was the reason for which another 60 hectares were purchased to complete 197, from 80 hectares we are already going to 200 and that is because of the success we have”, he declared.

Humarán Castellano pointed out that this same 2023 urbanized lots have to be delivered in the MLC, since there is already a formal commitment for investment; In addition, they already have confirmed 17 companies, some of them patrimonial and others for exclusive use.

He reported that among the advances that will be noted this 2023 is the issue of the bridge over the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway, since the Ministry of Communications and Transportation is already in the permit stage awaiting approval and thus, start construction.

“The bridge has to be completed this year in terms of its permits and the start of construction, we believe that it may be at the end of the year or the beginning of the next in terms of construction issues, but the progress of the construction will be seen, a totally different change,” he said.

The director of the MLC added that there are many companies and sectors interested in Mazatlán, among them, the agro-industrial sector, food, manufacturing companies, refrigerated cameras, automotive, which were not seen before in the south of Sinaloa because they did not have this type of spaces.

Once the logistics park is urbanized, he added, the word will begin to spread, and it will cause a “domino effect” in which other companies will come to Mazatlán and will be part of the strengthening of the industrial sector.

The MLC is in the recently decreed as a new industrial zone of Mazatlán, on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway at kilometer 10.7, that is, on the outskirts of the urban area, which has the advantage of the bypass, giving way to no trailer of heavy or light cargo enters the city, affecting roads and existing vehicular traffic.

In addition, it will maintain strategic connectivity, both to the north with Nogales and Tijuana, to the south with El Bajío and with the Northern Economic Corridor, through the Mazatlán-Durango Superhighway, being only 15 hours from El Paso, Texas.

It will be built with an investment of 636 million pesos already insured, between now and completion. From there, 150 million pesos will be used for the construction of an overpass for easy access to the park.

Source: Punto.mx