Mazatlán in the pleasure of enjoying the good wines of Mexico


An expert assures that during the last five years it has been possible to see a growth in this tourist destination for tasting good quality wines of Mexican origin

MAZATLÁN.- The wine expert, Justo Molachino Amaro, pointed out that in Mazatlán, during the last five years, it has been possible to notice the tasting of quality wines in restaurants and hotels, something that increasingly attracts tourism, especially national products, since the country has top-level wineries.

He highlighted that, through this culture, a great benefit is sought for the destination in the port, since wine tourism is spoken as a development of tourist activities and, of leisure and free time, dedicated to discovery and culture.

Molachino Amaro highlighted the importance of the increase in wine consumption in Mazatlán, which has been very important.

“Wine tourism (tourism focused on wine production areas) are tourists who are interested in learning about the subject of wine, it is what they seek to bring to the city. Today you can find good wines in restaurants and hotels”, he indicated.

The port and its growth go hand in hand with its gastronomy and wine, which has become an essential pillar of the great experience for visitors.

“Of all the wines that can be consumed in Mazatlán, white wine is the most common in this entity, but in reality, they are all a good option,” he stressed.

He said that just like drinking white wine with good fish, or red wine with red meat, today, rosé wine has taken on a lot of strength.

He added that there are great Mexican wines and, above all, high-quality wineries, some of them are:

The Secret, Ags

Moon and Tide, Ags

Cetto Group, BC

Chateau Camou, BC

Crown Valley, BC

Northern Reds 32, BC

Heaven Valley of Guadalupe, BC