Only 3 inspectors supervise the entire beach area in Mazatlán


In a meeting with the coordinator of Semarnat delegations, the municipal president requested more inspectors for the beach area or to allow staff from the Official Office to support the supervision of the so-called Zofemat

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán is recognized for its extensive beach areas, however, Profepa only has 3 inspectors, one of them about to retire, to verify that street vendors do not enter without permission, recognized Mayor Edgar Augusto Gonzalez Zatarain.

He explained that in a recent meeting with the coordinator of Semarnat delegations, Gabriel Mena pointed out that the municipality can collaborate with the unit in order to have greater control of the beach area.

“One of the commitments that has already been made is to see how the inspection issue is going to be resolved, the beaches only have three inspectors from Profepa and I think one is about to retire, there would be two left. To survey the entire beach, it is impossible,” she explained.

Another point that has been requested is that the federal agency not grant more provisional permits to carry out the sale in the maritime-terrestrial federal zone and thus avoid the disorder that currently prevails.

The Private Initiative will be integrated into the Council of the Beach Operator

At a conference, González Zataraín announced that in two weeks, businessmen from the tourism industry will be incorporated into the board of the Operadora de Playas, for the benefit of the image of the port.

The mayor acknowledged that there is discomfort among hotel businessmen, as they were excluded from the council of the aforementioned dependency.

“In two weeks we will be convening the Council and return to the participation of the businessmen, of the hoteliers in the Operator. It means that they, as they did before, are going to get into the issue of monitoring, cleaning and certification of beaches”, he concluded.