223 million will be invested in the marginalized areas of Mazatlan


This amount will serve to build 6 public spaces for the Mazatlecos of the popular neighborhoods.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- During the week, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya reported that a large investment is coming for the lower class sector in the Pearl of the Pacific.

“I have confirmed that in Mazatlan we are going to have 223 million pesos of investment in the poor area,” he said.

The projects

Rocha Moya stated that there will be 6 works that will be carried out in the neediest sectors of the port city. In addition, he mentioned that the tenders would start in December to start work possibly in January.

He explained that the investment includes the construction of a community center, which will be built in the old facilities of the Municipal Police, and will cost 56 million pesos.

“That community center is going to have sports spaces, it is going to be an important recreation area, the investment is not a small thing, it is 56 million pesos,” he commented.

He also said that a skatepark will be built in the Flores Magón neighborhood, which is budgeted at 12 million pesos. He also mentioned that a public sports space will be built in another of the popular neighborhoods, which will cost 69 million pesos.

Finally, he said that he also plans to invest in an overpass in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood, however, this is not yet a commitment, but he commented that he is very interested in carrying out this work by 2023.