Food lover? La Noria awaits you with its best dishes August 14th


22 merchants from the Pueblo Señorial will participate and it will be held on August 14 in the square of La Noria, where there will be regional dishes.

MAZATLAN. – La Noria is preparing to welcome you with open arms, but also with regional food and dishes, in its Gastronomic and Craft Market “La Noria, my beloved town” that will take place on August 14.  

Marisol Lizárraga Lizárraga, president of the Citizen Committee of La Noria, mentioned that every Sunday they report a capacity of 750 visitors who come to consume the products and articles offered by the 22 community merchants. 

“We began to form the group, the El Habal-La Noria corridor came along, which came to strengthen this and we managed to form and make the project in this area more ambitious, everything concluded very well in the order of ideas and that is how it came to be. detonate as a very visited town”, he declared.  

What dishes will you find in the Tianguis? 

Among the culinary specialties that you will find in La Noria at the Gastronomic Tianguis, are the coricos, barbecue, tamales, toast, cheese, the empanadas, among other dishes that are used to being sold in the restaurants that already exist throughout road.  

He commented that the development of this activity has allowed the economy to grow due to the visits registered by tourists, not only local, but also national and international, to consume the products that are made. 

“The expectations are very high, we consider that we have been working to create a cultural heritage decree, with this to protect the oldest facades and houses and that it is not modified by some people,” he said. 

There will be live music, and regional dances, they will also offer crafts and you can take advantage of the time to tour the town and learn about other activities that are carried out.  

The program of activities scheduled for August 14 will take place from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.


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