Mazatlan real estate sector leads in foreign investment


In the first quarter of 2022, they report around 281 million dollars in investment throughout Sinaloa, out of a goal of 2 billion dollars.

MAZATLAN. – Foreign investment in Sinaloa does not stop, but it is the real estate sector that is ahead in Mazatlan, followed by the hotel and industrial sector, at least, as reported by the Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel.  

He mentioned that development in Mazatlan is coming strong, only the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan reported that there are approximately 12 authorized investment projects, between condominium towers, hotel chains and industry.  

“In Mazatlan it is mainly real estate investment and some investment that the municipality, the state and the federation are making to improve the urban infrastructure,” he said. 

Gaxiola Coppel pointed out that, without a doubt, the construction and investment that they are making in the Santa María dam will promote this same development for Rosario and Escuinapa, since the project alone has an investment cost of approximately 16 thousand 300 million pesos. .  

In the real estate sector, there are at least 10 condominium towers that are being built, in addition to subdivisions that are being developed in the north of Mazatlan.  

Sinaloa achieves 281 million dollars of foreign investment  

The Secretary of Economy reported that, added to the development in Mazatlán, during the first quarter of 2022, Sinaloa obtained approximately 281 million dollars in private investment, between the mining, hotel, industry and services sectors.  

The goal, he said, is to obtain 2 billion dollars of foreign investment at the end of the six-year term.  

“Right now we have the Petrochemical Cluster in the north, we have an issue of an Industrial Cluster in the south of the state, there is interest in generating another industrial zone in Culiacán as well, plus the tourism that is taking place, we must be increasing those 281, of course, getting closer to the six-year goal,” he said.  

The countries that have shown interest in investing in Sinaloa, added the state official, are Germany, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, India and Japan, with projects for the different primary activities that will be highly visible.  


The Mazatlan Post