Investments of More than 50 Billion Pesos are Expected in Mazatlan


*This is affirmed by “Pity” Velarde *

Paloma Sanchez accusations: “Pity Velarde” Public safety is not my responsibility and what I can say is that there are very good results in Mazatlan in terms of tourism that do not agree with what that deputy says; the city grows, generates confidence, and every day there are more investments; there are instances of insecurity, but that does not affect the image of the destination”, said the secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, Ricardo Velarde, in responding to the federal deputy Paloma Sánchez.

Questioned at the end of a presentation where the return of the Durango National Fair 2022 was announced, “Pity” Velarde insisted that today more investments, flights, and tourists; “There is confidence from local and foreign businessmen to invest in Mazatlan,” he insisted.

He said that the last triennium of the chemist Benítez invested more than 40 billion pesos and in this triennium we hope to increase by 15 percent more and exceed 50 billion pesos.

In the question, he was asked if it is a “black campaign” of the PRI deputy, the also restaurateur said that the fact that she is a legislator from another party and that she does not live in Mazatlan gives an idea that she does not know the reality that we live .

He acknowledged that they are “malicious data” and that he cannot speak ill of the tourist destination because the information is that we had an excellent Carnival, an Easter with a lot of economic recovery and more tourists arrive every day, even 48 percent of tourist surveyed said who come for the first time.


The Mazatlan Post